We’ve Moved!

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This blog is now being hosted at:

http://fiercepanda.us and http://radiomatthew.com

LIVEJOURNAL USERS:  You will need to subscribe to a new RSS feed in order to continue receiving updates from FiercePanda.us and the new RadioMatthew.com.  Details soon.


Happy Easter!

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Hey guys, Happy Easter!

This blog is moving to a brand-new server, courtesy of Dreamhost and generously provided by William Mruzek and Zac Cardwell.  From time to time, the site will be online and offline, and once the move is done, it’ll take a little time before the pages, theme and blog entries are back online.

You can access the WordPress.com version of this website at https://radiomatthew.wordpress.com

For my readers on LiveJournal:  The syndicated feed will expire once the move is completed.  I’ll set up a new RSS syndication feed by the end of next week so you can continue reading these entries on your friends page.

Thanks for everyone’s patience with this move!  Moving to Dreamhost will allow everyone, both writer and reader, a better experience here at FiercePanda.us!

Best of the Web, Edition 4

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Discovery Kingdom was amazing! To be up-close and personal with many perosnalities of the Alice Morning Crew (including Andrew) was a thrill for me, and to have some idle chit-chat with the gang a few times during the broadcast was equally enjoyable. Ninja Jim and I hadn’t slept well the night before, so we left the park after eating lunch—no rides for us!

Best of the Week #2: Anchoring Good Day
Written by Alan “The Slightly-Paid Intern” Sanchez
Alan’s been dreaming about reporting for Good Day Sacramento in a dream that slightly mirrors my own. Now, after being a GDS intern and doing anything and everything to get ahead in the business (such as shaving his head and sitting in every seat at a stadium), Alan’s getting the opportunity at hard news, serious reporting and adding his own personality to the show—by anchoring the show for two hours in two weeks. Congrats to Alan!

Best of the Week #1: Starbucks vs McDonald’s
Written by Eight-Foot Wookie
I had heard about this Consumer Reports-like study a few weeks ago: In national blind taste tests, McDonald’s-brewed coffee beat out Starbucks-brewed coffee for body, heat and taste. And it’s so much cheaper! I haven’t tried McDonald’s coffee at all, so I wouldn’t know, but I have tried Starbucks coffee. Has anyone tried them both, and can they offer their opinions on the two?

Only two “Best of” entries this week! More videos and stuff from Discovery Kingdom coming soon. Eventually, I’ll get around to making a page with the Discovery Kingdom stuff on it.

Early Mornings

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To avoid more confusion in the future, I’ll go ahead and point this out here: The “add comment” link is now below the title of the entries; the comment link is no longer at the end of the entry. So for this blog entry, look below the title “Early Mornings” for the words “No comments” or “x Comments”, click that, and leave your comment. Little confusing, I know, especially since my comments have always been linked at the end of the entry, but it comes with the blog design change…and unfortunately, it’s here to stay.

Jim and I woke up at 3:30AM this morning to be at Discovery Kingdom in Vallejo by 5:30 for free admission, courtesy of the Alice Morning Crew. Sadly, though, I’m too exhausted to write—it was an exciting day that’ll have to wait to be written about until tomorrow.

But for those of you who just can’t wait, check out Sarah Clarke, one-half of the morning show duo Sarah & No Name, with Discovery Kingdom’s resident elephant in the video above. More fun, plus my on-air chit-chat with the Alice Morning Crew and comic Dat Phan, in tomorrow’s blog entry.

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